Can Mixologica mix any type of liquid? And prepare any recipe?Mixologica works with alcoholic and soft drinks, juices and syrups. It cannot mix milk, egg or spices, which are more suited to manual handling by a bartender. Mixologica can manage a range of hundreds of different recipes, including the most renowned and popular in the world, including 85% of these, as well as newly invented ones.


Can Mixologica replace the work of a bartender?
No, it cannot. However, it can become a great ally: it makes preparing drinks less tiring and less monotonous, allowing bartenders to plan work. It also frees up space and time for the creative aspect, for researching, informing and talking to customers.

Can Mixologica save money?
It has a significant economic impact on bars/clubs that prepare 50 cocktails a day on average. For more crowded bars/clubs, there is a considerable advantage: the investment is fully recovered within a year.


Can Mixologica improve the quality of cocktails?
Mixologica ensures objective precision in measuring and dosing the ingredients used, allowing a recipe to be closely followed.


Can Mixologica also mix non-alcoholic cocktails?
Of course!

What type of bar/club is Mixologica recommended for?
Mixologica is ideal for cocktail bars, beach bars, lounge bars, restaurants, discotheques, nightclubs and wherever the type of consumption, flow of customers, time slots, events, routines, social gatherings and attractions make it necessary. It can be useful for medium-sized bars/clubs that want to take a leap in quality with the addition of a cocktail island.


What impact does Mixologica have on the customer experience?

The charm of a cocktail, made of appealing elements, aromas and alluring colors, which remains intact, combines with the objective awareness of choosing, stress-free serving, the opportunity to order a customised cocktail that can always be repeated, even with reduced alcohol content, and seeing it delivered to a table with the dispensing certificate.


Can Mixologica adapt to the design of my bar/club?
Mixologica is available in a basic version in various materials and colors. The model in the Energy line can also be customised depending on the specific needs of the bar/club.


How often does Mixologica need to be cleaned? Does it require specific cleaning?
Mixologica has internal wash cycles using hot water that can be started at any time. We recommend a cleaning cycle every 2-3 hours of use and another one at the end of the working day.


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