Mixologica can prepare a recipe in the recipe book, choosing from one of the lists available or created, or an original invented cocktail.
It takes the ingredients from the set of bottles at the side, measures the doses, mixes, allocates the drink to a dispenser and a glass, and then dispenses. The cocktail is then ready for an artistic touch.


Mixologica and the bartender: the perfect pair

A host of opportunities and a new style. Mixologica allows bartenders to program and run various recipe menus depending on the day, the time band and special events. It is helpful when experimenting and inventing new cocktails: it keeps track of all processing and attempts so that the most impressive creations can be easily traced.

At any time, you can check the consumption of ingredients, the number of recipes processed, and view and trace the content of a cocktail that has been dispensed. Are you ready for the revolution?


Setting and organizing recipes

Within the MixSo operating system, recipes are organized in lists that can be managed as required: the great IBA classics, the most famous and popular drinks, as well as newly invented cocktails. In addition to the drinks already available, depending on the format of the bar/club or to seasonal programs, original drinks can be programmed.


Everything under control

Mixologica provides summarised data on activities: the number of cocktails dispensed, the consumption of ingredients, the most popular cocktails, comparative consumptions, as well as daily, weekly or monthly summaries.
Before dispensing any drink, Mixologica indicates any missing ingredients.


Organising work
It’s good to keep an eye on the ingredients required for the next few weeks so that supplies can be managed better, isn’t it? The MixSo operating system provides estimated calculations for the month or the three-month period following the current one.


Management support
On request, Mixologica can be provided with a MixoDesk, the system that supports economic management. It provides estimates of complexity, costs, profits, margins and stocks.


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